StarDance VIII has begun!

What can you look forward to in this year’s StarDance? Well, another season of spectacular dance costumes decorated with Preciosa crystals, for starters…

Preciosa has once again partnered with the much anticipated, popular TV competition, StarDance. Our crystals will appear on a record 73 ladies’ dresses, 37 men’s Latin-inspired tops, and 10 men’s costumes (Latin-inspired jacket and pants), totalling an incredible 864,000 individual crystals.

And, you may ask, what celebrities will be sporting the sparkling designs in this eighth season of the dance competition? Among the ten pairs there are actors and actresses (including the youngest participant ever, 18 year-old film star Zdenek Piskula), athletes, including the World Champion in Aerobics Olga Sipkova and Olympic gold medalist in soccer, Ladislav Vizek, singer Anna K, and even an Italian chef and restaurateur Emanuale Ridi.

If the first evening of the competition is any indication, this year’s line-up promises a fall season of dazzling dancing and beautiful crystal costumes, so stay tuned and don’t miss a single episode!

Football player Ladislav Vízek (Gold in Russia) Eva Krejčířová
Downhiller Ondřej Bank (5th in Sochi) Kamila Tománková
Aerobics Olga Šípková (World Champion) Marek Dědík
Italian Chef / Restaurateur Emanuele Ridi Lucie Hunčárová
Singer Anna K Marek Hrstka
Actress Miluše Bittnerová Michal Necpál
Actress Kristýna Leichtová Václav Masaryk
Actress Jana Plodková Michal Padavět
Actor Roman Zach Andrea Třeštíková
Actor Zdenek Piskula (youngest) Veronika Lálová