New innovations include premium flatback stone capable of reflecting 264 unique rays of light – the most of any competing product available on the global market

Preciosa Crystal Components, the leading manufacturer and global supplier of premium Bohemian crystals, today unveiled its latest assortment of new colors, coatings, shapes and novelties collectively inspired by the ancient goddess of the dawn, Aurora.

Now available for purchase worldwide is Preciosa’s new premium MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA line. Able to reflect 264 unique rays of light, the most of any competing product on the market, this stone comes in 48 colors, 25 coatings and 14 different sizes, each with a corresponding cut to achieve the same dazzling effect.

Also available for purchase, the collection includes:

New colour: Light Smoked Topaz
New coating: Crystal Sunrise
New shape: MC Rhombus FB
New quality and colour: Nacre Pearls, now part of Preciosa’s premium MAXIMA line and available in Pearlescent White
Limited edition stone: Livada Cabochon
Limited edition stone: Reyna Cabochon

For more information about the collection, including detailed product descriptions, please visit or contact your local sales manager.