Sparkling PRECIOSA - The Blonds Radiance Lights Up New York Runways

The Blonds jaw-dropping platinum sparkle caught everyone’s eye, including popular newspaper USA Today, at this fall’s New York Fashion Week. Bedazzled with PRECIOSA Crystal Components, David and Phillipe Blond hit the runways with their latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Inspired by the gods themselves – Aphrodite and Venus to be exact – the designer pair stripped down their creations “to the core to revitalize The Blonds DNA”. The result was nothing short of spectacular.


Perfect Partnership Underlines 10th Anniversary Celebration

The Blonds, who celebrated their 10th Anniversary in New York, debuted a sizzling menswear line of athletic laser-cut sweaters encrusted from top to bottom with over 20,000 clear PRECIOSA crystals.  Even the underside of each model’s nails shimmered with large crystal stones, making them veritable glittering beacons of light walking down the runway.  “Some of the crystals were stilted on bugles beads to create a jagged 3D effect, while others were hidden [under the nails] as an added embellishment,” explains the designer duo.

The two star designers simply love working with PRECIOSA, citing the Czech company as the “perfect partnership” because “their product is amazing to work with.  It is always the one element that will remain a staple in The Blonds collections.” 

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