SORAPOL is the London based fashion label of Bangkok-born designer Sorapol Chawaphatnakul and British artist Daniel Lismore. For this two-part series, Preciosa arranged an interview with the busy Head Designer and co-founder, Sorapol Chawaphatnakul, in London.

Why did you choose the fashion business and what led you to found the SORAPOL brand? 

My connection to design and fashion stems from my childhood and from my parents. The first time I saw my mother’s Parisian garment book I knew I wanted to make clothes that would one day also be on the world stage of fashion. Working in the fashion industry was a must – it was a childhood dream. While studying at the London College of Fashion, I met living artist Daniel Lismore. We realized our visions were a perfect fit and saw an opportunity to create a new exciting fashion brand that reflects everything we believe fashion really to be. Our SORAPOL label is a relatively young brand that has had an impressive impact in a short period of time, which reflects the potential of its future.

sorapol_ 2014

What was that vision – and what is behind the SORAPOL brand?

The design style of the SORAPOL brand is sophistication, elegance, couture and power. This is evident in the great care with which our unique textiles, fabrics and embellishments are chosen and developed. But it is more than that. We are not just another exclusive haute couture label. We support Pioneers in Contemporary Fashion, a platform which allows the SORAPOL brand to have a stage to showcase its designs and where other new, innovative designers can build their own business. You see, we believe in not being mainstream, and our brand values of creating luxury fashion for the SORAPOL clientele reflect that. A lot of mainstream fashion design is very much corporate-controlled, from a money-making sense, and the true purpose of fashion is restricted.

Who do you design for?

The target group that we aim for varies from season to season and our garments can be worn by any age bracket. We create handcrafted investment pieces and the client I have in mind while designing is always a strong, empowered individual that isn’t afraid of showing who they are through fashion. SORAPOL’s clientele is definitely the self-confident individual who demands luxury couture bespoke pieces that have a strong emphasis on creative and innovative design.

sorapol_2014 sorapol_2014