Jitka Klett

Fashion designer Jitka Klett loves to make women shine. Whether it is a luxurious evening dress or an elaborately sparkling wedding gown, Jitka’s star continues to rise. We met up with the young Slovak designer at her rococo studio in the heart of Prague, where she creates her magical designs.


Tell us what inspired your most recent bridal collection.

My most recent wedding dress collection is truly a ‘study in crystal’. I used Preciosa crystal stones because of their purity and engaging sophistication, which not only suits bridal design, but speaks to my vision of femininity, elegance and harmony. I used them plentifully, creating two different visions: one in a classical European style, the other according to the more elaborate Arabic traditions.

Have you used crystal components in the past?

I am using crystal more and more since my 2014 Art Fashion Show, where Preciosa was our partner. I love to use clear and elegant motifs in my designs, both in my jewellery and fashion designs, and crystal lends itself well to this. The designs I created were a hit at all three venues – in my native Slovakia, in Prague, as well as at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.


What accounts for your success in such different regions of the world?

Combining art and fashion is natural for me and it brings me immense joy. I think this comes out in my creations and accounts for my success both with my clients and fans. It might also be the reason why I have gained such notice in the Middle East, where art, especially from Europe, is very popular and in demand.

Do you plan to use crystal components in your future collections?

Definitely! My latest creations are designs in the haute couture style and all of them will be hand-sewn using Preciosa Crystal Components. The collection will be presented in at least eight countries as the interest in my work is, thankfully, really great.

Why Preciosa?

I consider myself a strong “patriot” and I am proud to work with components from a Czech company with such a long glass tradition, without having to use Swarovski crystals as do some other fashion designers. Preciosa has such a wide selection and I am happy to be connected with a company which benefits from hundreds of years of quality glassmaking in Bohemia.

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