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We’ve seen a diverse mix of styles for the FW 2016-2017 season on the world’s premiere runways. From starkly futuristic to monochrome nostalgia, we have picked up on one that especially resonated with us: the 1970’s natural free-form, bohemian style. It is this all-new flowing, yet stylish boho-chic style, which blurs the boundaries between melodies, epochs, and cultures that was the inspiration behind our latest product introductions.

Fall - Winter 2016-17 Inspirations

With CREATIVE INSPIRATIONS for Fall and Winter 2016-2017 we bring you a whole new compilation of lively pulsating trends that meld rustic country life and urban elegance.  What we love most about this “lyrical melange” is that PRECIOSA Crystal Components can be integrated into any style in completely different, unexpected yet amazingly uplifting ways. Find your own harmony with these new inspiring products, and dare to use them in new innovative ways.

Break out, and create a beautifully free-flowing symphony of your own!

CREATE FW2016-17 - brochure

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