Deep in the snowy forests, in the heart of Europe, shines an icy beauty so magical and so magnificent that kings and queens from all four corners of the earth coveted it for centuries. They travelled far and wide to seek it out, and bring home some of its luminous brilliance. This treasure, perhaps one of the best kept secrets of today’s Czech Republic, is none other than pristine, immaculate, lyrical CRYSTAL.

Crystal made by PRECIOSA

Meticulously cut, perfectly polished, crystal is a treasure that has been handed down from generation to generation of glassmakers in the Crystal Valley.  For hundred’s of years, rulers and leaders from all around the globe have been decorating their staterooms, ballrooms, residences, and palaces with chandeliers shimmering with its delightful elegance.  From these classical luminaries, our creative designers have evolved a new line of inspirational crystal components: the new LUXURY CRYSTAL COLLECTION.


Adding to our Traditional Edition of chandelier trimmings and chains we follow in our forefathers footsteps and continue our heritage with four new perfectly faceted, high-quality crystal components:  the opulent MAXIMA Pure Almond; the brilliant MAXIMA Pure Tube; the elegant Frosted Almond; and the playful Fancy Flower. Take a moment and browse through this latest collection, and let it delight and inspire you to even greater heights, to your own, even more spectacular creations!



  MAXIMA Pure Almond Fancy Flower  
  ART. 968 99 637 ART. 968 99 637  
  maxima_pure_almond fancy_flower  
  MAXIMA Pure Tube Frosted Almond  
  ART. 499 11 001 ART. 968 99 638  
  maxima_pure_tube frosted_almond  


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