Samuel Cirnansck’s and Jorge Bischoff’s latest collection at São Paulo Fashion Week

Known for his bridal gowns and special-occasion wear, designer Samuel Cirnansck last week debuted his first ever resort collection featuring many pieces exquisitely embroidered with Preciosa crystals.

‘Despite the departure from bridal wear for this collection, I feel that these pieces hold true to my aesthetic, especially in the use of Preciosa crystals’, said Samuel Cirnansck. ‘Women should be able to sparkle on every occasion, and I hope my designs evoke this sense of freedom and empowerment’.

Mr. Cirnansck’s looks were complimented on the runway by accessories designed by the talented Jorge Bischoff, ranging from high-heeled sandals to dazzling clutches, also embellished in Preciosa crystals.

‘Both Mr. Cirnansck and Mr. Bischoff execute their designs in such a way that expertly showcase the splendour of Preciosa crystals’, said Karel Páral, Head of Commercial Development for Preciosa Crystal Components. ‘We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of crystal to two such talented individuals, and early look forward to future cooperation’.

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